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The RxTest Ukraine is the PharmXplorer prescription audit module. It is a complex for calculating various indicators of prescriptions and their convenient display to users. The audit is conducted in the context of clinical diagnoses, treatment regimens and other characteristics of the treatment process, among the doctors of 16 specialties in polyclinics and hospitals on a regular basis. The modul works in 28 cities of Ukraine. The calculation is based on extrapolation of sample data using cluster analysis and hierarchical models. 



The subject of the RxTest study is a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the structure of drug prescriptions among doctors of various specialties in polyclinics and hospitals.



Operating principles 


The survey of Ukrainian doctors ensures the regular collection and the receipt of questionnaire data. Doctors personally fill out online questionnaires at The questionnaires contain issues related to general patient data: gender, age, type of visit, type of prescription, the patient’s diagnosis and treatment regimen. About 1300 doctors participate in the survey every month. An additional source of prescription records is the data from the medical information systems (MIS). This allows for a larger sample and more detailed information that is more relevant to the objectives of the project. The information is entered into a database and indirectly, through information processing experts, is systematized and unified into reference guides. 


The process is shown in more detail in the picture below: 



The advantages of the product are: 


  • High level of data reliability, as we collect the information on a monthly basis, taking into account the seasonality of diseases to improve the quality of analytics, thanks to a representative sample, multi-level data verification and a unique extrapolation method. The data is collected continuously: monthly/quarterly publication. In addition, there is a service for creating and maintaining competitive groups


  • Detailed analysis of the structure of drug prescriptions.  The RxTest module allows you to conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis of the structure of drug prescriptions, allowing you to understand the most popular therapeutic approaches.  You get the opportunity to understand the most commonly prescribed medications, critical aspects of treatment regimens, and their duration


  • Assessment of the competitive environment. You get the opportunity to study the competitive environment by nosology, understand where you can have a professional impact, and find new opportunities for business growth with RxTest 


  •  Analysis of potential target audiences. RxTest enables you to accurately identify potential target audiences, paying attention to gender, age, disease course, and other key patients’ parameters


  • Monitoring and consumption dynamics. Our module allows you to track the dynamics of doctor’s prescriptions in real time,  monitor drug consumption and respond to changes in a timely manner


  • Convenient access to the database.  RxTest provides unlimited online access to the database for an unlimited number of users. You can customize access levels and share information within your team 


  • High flexibility. The RxTest module supports competitive groups, which allows you to analyze several competitors simultaneously and find the best way to implement your strategy


  • Decision-making support. Regardless of the stage of your business – strategic planning, new product launches, or consumption analysis – RxTest provides you with analytical tools to make better decisions


RxTest is a unique tool for evaluating prescriptions in the dynamics with monthly data collection, high fidelity, nosology, treatment regimens, and patient portraits for informed segmentation and targeting. Thanks to RxTest, you will have the opportunity to create a competitive strategy and achieve your KPIs. Use the module: 

  • At the stage of strategic planning of the company’s portfolio  
  • To analyze the competitive environment 
  • When launching new products 
  • To promote existing brands and search for growth factors 
  • When tracking the dynamics of medicinal products 
  • To monitor the dynamics of demand 
  • To identify new customer needs 
  • To identify promising business growth niches 
  • To study competitors and physician behavior 
  • For market segmentation 
  • To study opportunities and threats in the market 
  • To create sustainable competitive advantages


The RxTest module is also available outside of Ukraine, namely in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. 


If you would like to get more details about the functionality and capabilities of the RxTest module, we are pleased to provide you with additional information.