ChainFS – a project which purpose is to establish interaction between pharmacy chains and manufacturers, and the essence is to provide data on the implementation of pharmacy chains to a certain list of manufacturers – to the official participants of the project.

Benefits of participation for pharmacy chains in this project:

  • Constant visibility and visibility for the selected list of manufacturers
  • Transparency of reporting on the sales of drugs by the manufacturer and its “competitive group” as a whole
  • Saving resources and time for the provision and generation of reports for the selected list of manufacturers
  • Being in this limited pool of presentation (the project covers 10-15% of sales of all pharmacies in Ukraine) is a clear competitive advantage for each chain, with a constantly limited resource of the manufacturer in cooperation
  • A kind of platform for additional income because the final goal of the manufacturer is further joint projects (including the signing of a marketing agreement with plans to sell their drugs)
  • Additional discounts and bonuses for using Proxima Research products and services

Terms of participation:

  • img Signing of an agreement on permission to provide data to producers – project participants
  • imgSubsequent provision of weekly and monthly retail sales data from each pharmacy in the network (consumption, leaving the pharmacy), for at least 1 year
  • imgData from pharmacies is taken at 100% of sales but is shown to manufacturers by their own “competitive groups”. These are groups of drugs from the manufacturer and its competitors