New features were realized in the ‘Ukrainian Market Audit’ during the first half of 2023


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“Market Audit” is the comprehensive audit of the Ukrainian market. Updated features to improve the ease and efficiency of data search and analysis



Sale Out:


Sale Out – constantly operating research of pharmaceutical products consumption volumes in the retail market of Ukraine.




1. Shorter data publishing time: through the optimization process, we have significantly reduced the data publication timeframe for your convenience:

  • Daily data is published within 3 days instead of 8 now
  • Weekly data is also released within 3 days instead of 8
  • Monthly data is available within 8 days, enabling quicker situational assessment


2. Increased numerical coverage percentage: We have raised the numerical coverage percentage to 56%, which helps to more closely determine the market capacity and potential.


3. Access to Power BI on mobile platform: You can now access data from our Power BI dashboard on mobile devices. This provides accessibility and convenience of analysis at any time and from any location.



Stock and Turnover:


Stockanalysing the availability of stocks of own products and competitive products to maintain uninterrupted cooperation with pharmacy chains.


Turnoveranalysing the potential for cooperation with different pharmacy chains and analysing the turnover of each individual pharmacy




1. Increased sampling of stock balances: The sampling of stock balances has substantially grown, and has more than 10, 000 pharmacies and points of sale, which allows you to get more detailed and representative information.


2. Additional options for manufacturers: Additional features have been added for manufacturers, particularly the analysis of competitive groups in conjunction with distributor This assists you in better understanding market distribution among competitors and your own competitiveness.


We believe these updates will provide you with more opportunities for analysis and informed decision-making.