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International information security certification ISO 27001 & ISO 27701


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Dear partners!


We are pleased to announce that Proxima Research International has successfully passed an IT security audit and received an international certificate in information security according to ISO 27001 and an international certificate in personal data management ISO 27701


An information security system in accordance with ISO 27001 allows you to reduce the risk of leakage of confidential information and will help:

  • To ensure complete confidentiality of information, including financial data, intellectual property and data about employees and customers
  • Guarantee the inviolability of personal data and the transparency of information exchange between counterparties
  • Improve the service of the information security system to the level of world quality standards
  • Get international recognition and work with the same proven market participants


ISO/IEC 27701 focuses on a personal data management system and is largely based on GDPR rules. Implementation benefits:

  • Formed trust management of personal information
  • Provides clarity to relationships between stakeholders and has a positive impact on the performance of business relationships
  • Responsibilities are distributed among employees, detailed instructions appear, personal responsibility is formed
  • Each staff member and interested counterparties receive a set of rules, the use of which ensures the inviolability of personal information
  • Opportunity to establish partnerships with foreign companies

We continue to improve the data protection system to be ready for new technological challenges!