Promo Test is the promo activity research in the pharmaceutical market


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PromoTest is a module of the market research system that demonstrates ratings and promotion trends among pharmaceutical market players.  Monthly monitoring of the promotional activity of the pharmaceutical companies, is a convenient tool for assessing the effectiveness of product promotion activities and the competitive situation in the market. The research with a high level of reliability in terms of communication channels, target audiences and types of promotion is regularly conducted among pharmacists, doctors and experts from procurement centers. The doctors of seventeen professions from twenty-eight cities  participate in the survey in Ukraine. In general, the program operates at the international level. 


The complex for calculating various indicators of the promotional activity of drug manufacturers with visualization is based on extrapolation of sample data using cluster analysis and hierarchical models. 


The key indicator of the PromoTest study is the number of recalls of healthcare professionals about various types of promotional activities, namely: visits by medical representatives, promotions through remote communication channels (calls, SMS, Viber, Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp), participation in marketing events and conferences, advertising on television and the Internet, in the specialized press, postal and e-mail newsletters, promotions, promotional materials, and recalls of appointments and recommendations. 


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Among the features of the PromoTest 

  • Dynamic monitoring of brand promotion,  
  • Assessment of the competitive environment,  
  • Qualitative and quantitative benchmarking, 
  • Detailed analysis of communication channels and formation of promotional mix, 
  • Media advertising evaluation and brand positioning implementation assessment. 


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What is the process for monitoring promotional activity indicators in the PromoTest module? 


Regular surveys are conducted by questioning pharmacists and experts from pharmacy chain purchasing centers. The questionnaire includes answers to questions about the respondents’ recalls of the promotional activities of pharmaceutical companies. Every month, the survey involves approximately 4,000 doctors, 600 pharmacist, and 200 procurement centers in Ukraine. 


The collected data is entered into a database, then systematized and unified into reference guides by operators and data processing experts. The extrapolation calculation of indicators according to the software calculation methodology is performed in the calculation database, where the collected information massif is entered after a number of checks. The information is then transferred to a storage facility to hold the calculation results. 


With the help of the QlikView BI platform by QlikTech/QlikSense, of which Proxima Research is an OEM partner, these data from the data warehouse are fed into client interface dashboards developed and maintained by Proxima Research employees. The dashboards are published on the company’s servers. The company’s clients access them through a link and a login with a password. 


The company is constantly making improvements using innovative models of dashboard processing and optimization to provide customers with data visualization that is maximally adapted to their processes: 

  • intuitive interface; 
  • the ability to obtain a flat data for integration into your own analytics; 
  • accessibility for an unlimited number of users with the possibility of dividing access levels. 


The information provided is legal and thoroughly verified. The analytical information is obtained only from official sources and undergoes multi-stage quality control at each stage of its receipt and processing. 


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The advantage of the PromoTest product is the high level of data reliability: 

  • we collect information on a monthly basis, taking into account the seasonality of diseases to improve the quality of analytics, thanks to a representative sample, multi-level data verification and a unique extrapolation method; 
  • data is updated monthly and has a short processing time;  
  • there is a service for creating and maintaining competitive groups. 


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The PromoTest analytical product will be useful: 

  • To assess information pressure compared to competitors and achieve communication goals 
  • To formulate a competitive communication strategy (creating sustainable competitive advantages) 
  • To study opportunities and threats in the market 
  • In search of growth factors 
  • When choosing communication channels and types of promotion 
  • When planning marketing budgets 
  • To promote existing brands and make flexible changes to promotion tactics 


Example of a dashboard: 



Three additional PromoTest research tools: 


  • “KOLs/DOLs Rating” – research and rating of opinion leaders.
  • PromoCOMPAS – a separate product based on the cross-section of the company’s medical representatives’ visit data and the PromoTest research sample for the same period. 
  • Omnibus – a product that allows you to add short customer questions to the standard PromoTest questionnaire. 


If a pharmaceutical company wants to improve communication with customers and increase efficiency in product promotion, PromoTest is the perfect solution!