Tenders monitoring



Research categories

drugs and medical products


Research geography

Ukraine national level
and from regions and cities perspective


Purchases by budget medical facilities

Purchases by budget medical facilities of pharmaceutical products and medical commodities in money and packaging published at the public purchases website https://prozorro.gov.ua

  • ITB – renewal twice in a week
  • Accepted tenders – renewal once in a month
  • Ministry of Health Care tenders – renewal once in a month


Investigated direct indicators

amount of purchase in money and packaging

Data reporting form

  • Internet-access for an unlimited number of users in the QlikView dashboard interface
  • Ability to split access level
  • Comparative groups supporting

Features and benefits

Tenders monitoring in Ukraine – announced, accepted and subthreshold biddings data published in unified database prozorro.gov.ua.

Regular data enable to analyze drug and medical products purchase in perspective of Customer, Supplier, drugs purchases, geography, quantity and prices using standard catalogues, guidebooks and classifiers of MORION Company.

History data of Budget purchase since 2012 year enables to monitor financial backing dynamics of medical facilities, distributor’s tender activity, and purchasing assortment in account with manufacturer’s perspective.

Key benefits are

realized on QlikView platform with Online WEB access and integrated service «Competitive groups» makes possible to see yourselves and compare with competitive environment

The amount of accepted tenders and actually effected budget payment comparative analysis in the context of the Purchaser/Supplier