Revolutionizing Business Process Optimization with GeoForce


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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, effective data management is essential for success. GeoForce, developed by Proxima Research, offers a comprehensive solution to automate business processes and drive enhanced productivity. Through seamless integration with Proxima Cloud CRM, distribution shipment reports, and pharmaceutical market monitoring data (Sell-in/Sell-out, Turnover, Stock), GeoForce establishes a unified information space. This integration empowers decision-making across all levels of company management. Additionally, coverage optimization facilitates the efficient allocation of resources at the city/territory level, enabling optimal coverage of doctors and medical institutions by specialty, and maximizing the potential of each territory.


Unlocking undiscovered potential enables the pinpointing and enhancement of areas that lack visitation or are visited by multiple representatives concurrently. By optimizing the work hours and resources of field staff, cost efficiencies can be realized. Integration with IQVIA data enables the utilization of data at the most granular level of geographical segmentation (referred to as “bricks”) for precise planning and analysis. The tool for evaluating and maximizing territory potential comprises various functions that facilitate efficient business management.


With GeoForce, you can leverage real-time market data for strategic planning and decision-making, assess business potential for optimal management, designate the ideal number of doctors by specialty and category to meet business objectives, pinpoint the most effective times for engagement using analytical tools, bridge the gap between representatives and doctors, and streamline costs through strategic territory distribution. GeoForce empowers your business with a robust tool to enhance efficiency and productivity, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.