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Database (Axioma)

A new level of data management and medical business development

In the era of dynamic development of the medical industry, the effectiveness and accuracy of the choice of management strategies, interaction with specialists and medical institutions becomes essential for success. This is the goal of Axioma, an innovative product that is changing the rules of the game in the medical business sector.

The Axioma syndicated database is a first-class tool for pharmaceutical companies and medical organizations that are looking for a great way to conduct in-depth analysis and gain access to a wide range of data.

Axioma database benefits:

  • Accuracy and relevance of information
    By analyzing a variety of data sources, the information is daily checked, ensuring its high accuracy and relevance. Axioma database sources include:

    • pharmaceutical industry research;
    • interactive marketing;
    • information from medical representatives;
    • official data from government agencies, medical associations, and other authoritative sources;
    • direct mailing.
  • Systematic categorization for effective planning
    Our tools allow you to systematize doctors for strategic visit planning. This will allow you to allocate resources and efforts with maximum efficiency.
  • Analysis and strategic planning
    The platform allows you to dive into the data, compare it with real trends, and identify pulsing opportunities for growth. Understanding the market dynamics and your company’s place in it gives you the opportunity to identify gaps and untapped opportunities. Axioma will help you determine where you can become a leader and where there is demand for your products or services that no one has yet provided. And this is the key to increasing competitiveness and diversifying your business.
  • Data verification and filtering
    Massive amounts of data can contain errors, duplicates, and outdated information. Our service allows you to eliminate outdated records, providing the database with only real and up-to-date contacts. This increases the efficiency of planning and makes actions targeted and productive.
  • Maximum communication
    Effective communication is not just about transmitting information, but also about building relationships. Axioma helps to establish personal contact with medical professionals who previously remained out of reach. With Axioma, your audience expands immediately.
  • Compatibility with popular CRM systems
    Switching to new systems can be a challenge, but not with Axioma. Our integration with popular CRM systems ensures smooth data exchange between platforms. You don’t waste time on manual translation and data entry. Instead, you can focus on important tasks and making strategic decisions.
  • Personal data protection in accordance with the legislation and ISO certification
    Axioma fully complies with the rules on the processing of personal information and has ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications. Data is stored and processed with the highest level of security.
  • Professional technical support for users
    We understand that your time and needs are important. Therefore, every query and question received from us is considered with attention and priority. Our goal is to make you confident in using our platform by providing adequate assistance and support.

What companies get by using Axioma?

Exceptional convenience

Axioma offers the most convenient way to access a wide database. You don’t need to spend excessive time searching and aggregating information – everything is already ready for you.

An effective marketing strategy

Thanks to accurate data on doctors, medical facilities, and pharmacies, you can create a more effective marketing strategy. This will help you attract the attention of your target audience and ensure the successful introduction of medical products to the market.

The reliability and completeness of information

The Axioma database is comprehensive and reliable. You can always rely on up-to-date information, which gives you an advantage in decision-making.

Focus on key tasks

Instead of spending time collecting and processing data, you can focus on developing innovative medical solutions and improving the quality of your products.

Cost reduction

Thanks to an optimized promotion strategy and reaching out to well-known doctors and institutions, you can reduce advertising costs and increase the effectiveness of the invested budget.

Increased sales

Access to comprehensive data will help you identify potential partners and customers, which will contribute to the growth of sales volumes and the popularity of your medical products.

Axioma is a key tool that will help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your pharmaceutical company in the market.