Hospital Consumption

I Purchases of all Drugs (pharmaceutical products) by health facilities in money and packaging сentralized purchases of the Ministry of Health
II Research categories Drugs
III Research geography Ukraine national level and from regions perspective
IV Investigated direct indicators amount of purchases in money and packaging, weighted average purchasing price
V Test integral indicators
  • Grouped by brands, corporations, manufacturers, АТС classification, NFC, EphMRA, INN, OTC/Rx, category classification – Dietary supplements, Cosmetics, Medical products, Children Nutrition
  • Cumulative MAT, YTD, MQT;
  • Comparative – previous period growth, same period of past year,
  • Share – market share, share in counterpart groups, etc.

Data update rate


Information reporting term

Monthly 30 days
Data reporting form
  • Internet-access for an unlimited number of users in the QlikView dashboard interface
  • Ability to split access level
  • Comparative groups supporting
Features and benefits
Hospital drugs consumption in Ukraine estimated extrapolated data based on the dynamic general population of accepted tenders, as exemplified on health facilities and reports of distributors. There are more than 10 000 SKU drugs и 2 300 medical facilities in analysis
Key benefits
realized on QlikView interface with Online WEB access – quick, comfortable, easy
monthly renewal 30 days
opportunity to analyze using standard catalogues, guidebooks and classifiers from Ukraine regions perspective
Integrated service «Competitive groups» makes possible to see yourselves and compare with competitive environment
In project development forecast – to make private and state market divisions, and on centralized purchases of the Ministry of Health
data history from 2008