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Group Maker

Group Maker — it is an online service for creating competitive groups and supporting the competitive markets of the client, both independently by the client and by Proxima Research. This comparison is an integral part of market analytics for each company.

Competitive groups are formed in the Group Maker module according to many different conditions, with the ability to indicate your target product for analysis, price niches and other parameters for integration into dashboards.

Instant online display of sales volumes by the client’s competitive group in the context of all indicators available in the PharmXplorer system.

Benefits of the product:

  • Possibility of establishing several versions of a set of competitive groups
  • Possibility of introducing intermediate subtypes, for example, direction / business unit and subordination of competitive groups to them
  • Ability to display sales volumes in total by an intermediate subtype, which includes competitive groups (direction / business unit)
  • Possibility to select a specific set of competitive groups in a particular project
  • Possibility to select several SKUs from the brand / brands of the company, as “their own drugs” in competitive groups, regardless of how many of them are included in the group
  • Simple, convenient, intuitive functionality for creating competitive groups