Webinar for Kazakhstan “TOOLS 4 SMART Solutions”


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On June 24th 2021, Proxima Research held an open webinar “TOOLS 4 SMART Solutions” where we talked about our new data-driven tools for making SMART decisions.


We made a special emphasis on one of the most important tactical tasks of pharmaceutical companies – categorization. However, this is a routine and complex process that requires relevant information on the characteristics underlying categorization, analytical skills and, often, a lot of time.


As a result of the webinar, we:

  • Highlighted the trends in the pharmaceutical market and got acquainted with the forecasts for 2021 from Proxima Research;
  • We reminded our clients about our Promo / RxTest products and told them about new tools;
  • Considered a practical case of categorizing doctors;
  • We got acquainted with the first results of the PromoTest Uzbekistan project;
  • We answered all the questions of our clients;
  • We wished all of us success and prosperity!