Webinar CRM EcoSystem: Present and Future, Insights


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On November 17, specifically for the clients of Proxima Research Uzbekistan, the webinar “CRM EcoSystem: Present and Future” was held, dedicated to the modern technological solution for pharmaceutical companies, Proxima CRM with a ready-made set of modules. The tool allows medical representatives to manage territories effectively, as well as quickly and easily record, store and control their activities.


Key topics and speakers of the webinar:

  • Proxima CRM + extension modules: benefits for physician relationship management;

Speaker: Vadim Yancharuk, Techology Product Director, Proxima Research International

  • Dashboard KPI SFE and bonus calculation: available tools for monitoring the work of the field service;

Speaker: Marina Nagornaya, BI Product Manager, Proxima Research International

  • Customer experience: the CRM system’s successful implementation and effective use practice;

Speakers: Clients of Proxima Research Uzbekistan

  • Trace Visit: performance evaluation of medical representatives;

Speaker: Vitaly Kim, Director of Proxima Research Uzbekistan


We share with you the main insights of the webinar