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September 8-9, 2022, the PHARMBUDGET 2023 conference-practicum will be held in Kyiv.

PHARMBUDGET is the main event in extraordinary conditions for pharmaceutical companies’ heads and managers of all departments related to the processes of budget preparation and implementation.


Conference topic: “Planning during the war: an existential trigger or a forced change of paradigm?”


Reports and discussions on important issues:

  • State plans and objectives for the providing medical aid and medicines for the Ukraine population
  • Loyalty races: the leaders’ change in the trust rating of pharmaceutical companies – about the influence of communication on the company’s reputation and physicians’ compliance
  • Discussions on acute issues of business survival in the new realities
  • Experience of leading companies on how to modify approaches in promotion
  • Panel discussions with the authorities on planning and business risks in the war state. Personnel, purchasing, reimbursement, E-prescription and E-health
  • “How war has changed everything: business conditions, physicians’ and pharmacists’ expectations, patients’ needs”. Presentation of surveys of pharmaceutical business clients
  • Economic forecasts from leading experts. Current art of economic survival
  • Legal aspects: advertising in the medical information systems (MIS), personnel risks when hiring military personnel
  • The regulatory field after the victory. What changes are we preparing for now?
  • “Anti-fragility” in processes. Pharma’s drugs circulation and logistical plans


There is an opportunity to participate conference in Online and Offline.