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WARNING! SALES FORCE EFFECTIVENESS 2024 — the annual international conference for leaders of the pharmaceutical industry will be held on April 25, 2024. Detailed information on the official website of the conference:


On April 27, 2023, SALES FORCE EFFECTIVENESS will be held – an annual international conference for leaders in the pharmaceutical industry.


The conference will bring together experts from the pharmaceutical market from all over the world to discuss current realities and the world’s best cases on sales management and evaluation of their effectiveness, brand presentations, cases of successfully overcoming challenges in turbulent conditions and discussing trends in the pharmaceutical industry.


We invite you to join the conference in Kyiv or online from anywhere in the world.


Key topics of the conference:

  • Global trends in the promotion of pharmaceutical brands
  • Practical cases of high sales and promotion efficiency: from global to local
  • Modern digital tools for the efficient operation of the company
  • Talent management and related motivation to become a dream team


Learn more on the official website of the conference: