Proxima PAS: Your Partner for Effective Sales Planning


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In today’s competitive business environment, characterized by growing competition, changing consumer needs, and the development of new technologies, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly in need of sales planning technologies to achieve their strategic goals. 


Proxima PAS (Planning Allocation System) is a sales planning automation system that helps pharmaceutical companies assess market potential, plan their sales, and save time and resources while ensuring accuracy and efficiency.


With its wide range of functionality, Proxima PAS can become a valuable partner in achieving your strategic goals, helping you allocate resources to achieve your goals. Product integration with Proxima CRM ecosytem will help you optimize sales planning processes in accordance with your corporate standards and regulations, and flexibly allocate sales plans between territories and products, while maintaining a link with your company’s overall plan. 


Thanks to the analytical system, Proxima PAS allows for in-depth analysis, calculation, and sales forecasting, taking into account the main market drivers. You can easily monitor and control the further implementation of plans in the “plan-fact” mode and make quick adjustments to tasks for medical representatives. 


A wide range of parameters will help you in the most detailed planning at different levels: 

  • Country 
  • Region 
  • Area 
  • Specific medical representative 
  • Brick 
  • Specific retail outlet or pharmacy chain 


For the most accurate sales analysis and forecasting, Proxima PAS analyzes a variety of factors, including: historical sales data from distributors and pharmacy chains, the number of retail outlets and chains in a particular territory, the number of personnel, and others. 


Key functional benefits of the product: 

  • Open architecture allows you to customize the system to meet your individual needs and integrate it with external data sources. This flexibility makes PAS an ideal solution for adapting to your specific needs
  • Easy distribution of sales plans to the end point and specific SKU; Convenient automation and approval of the sales planning approval process for all responsible persons
  • Accurate sales forecasting thanks to taking into account a complex of historical market drivers. 
  • User-friendly interface, understandable for professionals of different levels, aimed at simplifying and accelerating the planning process


Proxima PAS opens up new horizons for pharmaceutical companies, helping you optimize planning processes and achieve greater success in the market. The innovative system allows you to save time and effort, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in sales management. PAS is the key to achieving your strategic goals and growing your pharmaceutical company.