Informed Decisions in the Pharmaceutical Industry: The Power of Data


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In the pharmaceutical industry, informed decisions are crucial. Our healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organizations (HCOs) databases provide essential data for strategic planning. These databases are meticulously curated and updated, ensuring you have the most accurate and relevant information. Axioma is changing the approach to data and collaboration in the medical industry.


Understanding the Metrics

The databases include ‘patient flow’ and ‘call pressure’. These metrics, while seemingly simple, hold a wealth of information.


Patient Flow

‘Patient flow’ refers to the weekly average of patients consulted by a doctor. This metric identifies doctors with high patient flow, influencing prescribing patterns. Understanding this metric allows for a more targeted approach in reaching out to doctors who have the most interaction with patients, thereby increasing the likelihood of your products being prescribed.


Call Pressure

‘Call pressure’ measures the frequency of medical representatives’ visits to doctors. High call pressure suggests active communication between doctors and pharmaceutical representatives, essential for productive partnerships. This metric provides insight into the level of engagement between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare providers, allowing for an assessment of the effectiveness of current communication strategies.


The Benefits

Our databases enable prediction of prescribing patterns and identification of doctors likely to prescribe specific products. They also provide information on the latest pharmaceutical industry trends, facilitating proactive responses to changes in prescribing patterns or patient demographics.

In addition to these benefits, our databases also offer a comprehensive overview of the healthcare landscape. They provide information on:

  • The size and structure of healthcare organization
  • The specialties and sub-specialties of healthcare professionals
  • The geographical distribution of these entities

This information can be invaluable in understanding the market and identifying potential opportunities for growth.


Staying Updated

Our Pharmacy and Therapeutics data is updated quarterly, providing current information and enabling prediction of future changes in physician behaviour and needs. This data helps companies focus their efforts effectively. Regular updates ensure that you have the most recent data, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve and adapt your strategies as needed.



Our databases offer information that can help pharmaceutical companies make informed decisions. By understanding ‘patient flow’ and ‘visit pressure’, companies can target their efforts more effectively. With our HCP and HCO databases, companies can make data-driven decisions today for a successful tomorrow.


Final Thoughts

In the fast-paced world of pharmaceuticals, having access to accurate and up-to-date information is key. Our databases provide this information, offering a competitive edge in the market. Start leveraging the power of data with our HCP and HCO databases. Make informed, data-driven decisions today for a brighter, more successful tomorrow. Your future self will thank you.