Introducing New CEO: Evgeniy Kunda


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Proxima Research International is pleased to announce that Evgeniy Kunda has been appointed company’s Chief Executive Officer, effective 18 January 2022.


Evgeniy’s appointment is reflecting the company’s clear intention to put data-driven technologies in the service of its local and multinational customers to power real-time, efficient decision-making.


Evgeniy has been leading Commercial Division at Proxima Research International since 2019 and has been in the company’s Leadership roles since 2009. He has an excellent track record of driving and developing Proxima Research International’s business operations in both developed and emerging markets as Chief Commercial Officer, after a decade in senior Product and Business Development roles. Evgeniy joined the company as a business analyst in 2003.


Evgeniy’s announcement follows another great year for Proxima Research International that celebrated a quarter of the century of expertise in healthcare, got its products and services ready and running in 40+ countries, and gathered an incredible team of 1000+ high-skilled professionals. Today, the company is more than ever taking on the future to bring its clients the ultimate success!