Advertising of pharmaceutical brands in the media 2022


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In this publication, we offer to get acquainted with the trends in the advertising market of pharmaceutical brands (medicines, medical devices, cosmetics, dietary supplements, baby food) on TV and on the Internet. During the preparation of the material, data from the “PharmXplorer” market research analytical system of the Proxima Research International company were used.




According to the data of the independent rating agency Big Data UA, according to the results of 2022, the total television viewership (TVR%) decreased by 17% compared to the previous year.


The average coverage per day remained almost unchanged, but the average TV viewing time decreased by almost 50 minutes.


As advertisers from other categories are not in a hurry to return to TV screens, the share of pharmaceutical brands in the TV advertising market overall increased from 37% in 2021 to 61.2% in 2022.


The pharmaceutical category was one of the first to return to TV advertising, in particular such brands as Spazmalgon, Sudokrem, Almagel. With each subsequent month, the number of advertised farm brands increased. According to the results of 2022, the leaders in terms of EqGRP** volumes are Citramon, Dafen and Spazmalgon. The rating of advertisers according to the EqGRP indicator is led by the domestic pharmaceutical companies Farmak and Darnytsia. Acino, Kusum Pharm and Teva complete the top 5.




The activity of pharmaceutical companies in the Internet advertising segment was expected to decline in March, but quickly made up for lost volumes by the end of the year. A notable trend is the increase in the number of video advertising impressions on the Internet.


Among the pharmaceutical brands, Nurofen, Uroholum, Pikosen, Brufen, Lugs are the leaders in terms of the number of impressions on the Internet during the researched period. The main advertisers are Zhytomyr Pharmaceutical Factory, Reckitt Benckiser, and Sanofi.




Television advertising of farm brands is gradually returning to the airwaves of national channels.


The advertising activity of the pharmaceutical category on the Internet increased significantly at the end of the year due to the increase in video advertising.


How the media advertising market plays out in 2023 depends largely on the successes on the battlefields, as well as the return of advertisers.