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Trade marketing

1. Support and administration of marketing contracts with pharmacy chains

Contract support with pharmacy chains for a manufacturer is a “turnkey” service, which allows a manufacturer of medicines, cosmetics, medical products, or dietary supplements to focus the efforts of the commercial service (CAM) on building relationships with pharmacy chains, and to place the conclusion of contracts with pharmacy chains, their support, control of reporting and implementation of agreements, as well as payment for services, in trustworthy hands. Instead of hundreds of contracts and reports overloaded with the work of CAMs, accountants, lawyers — just one contract, one payment for the period, and all reporting in online dashboards in full, available at any time for any checks and audits.


  • imgThe automated service allows to reduce the terms of payments to the chains and increases the efficiency of the service.
  • imgOnline reporting is completely transparent, accessible, provides a powerful tool for CAMs in negotiations, control over chain workload, readiness for all checks and audits.
  • imgThere is no need to maintain a manufacturer’s staff of record keepers and accountants.

2. Patient support programs

Patient support programs is a service that allows to increase accessibility of treatment for patients, as well as company and brand loyalty, to keep existing patients committed and attract new patients to therapy, to encourage the duration of treatment in accordance with the prescribed therapy, to form the image of a socially responsible market player.

МEDREESTR™ – is a software for maintaining patient support programs conducted by pharmaceutical companies, thanks to which is carried out:

  • imgMaintaining a database of patients, including personal accounts, health diaries, etc.
  • imgImplementation of patient discount program for certain products.
  • imgManaging the communication with all the participants of the program (information support by means of calls to the call-center, as well as e-mail, Viber and sms-mailing).
  • imgProviding real-time quality control at all stages of the project.
  • imgCreation of a single support center for medical representatives (KAM), doctors, pharmacies and patients.
  • imgIncreasing the level of accessibility of treatment for patients.
  • imgFormation of the image of a socially responsible market player. – Increased loyalty to the company, the brand.